December 4, 2016

The Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Through The Holidays

It’s the holiday season. So why doesn’t it always feel like the best time of year? Try the Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Through The Holidays.

12/4/2016 By, Jennifer Seip, LMFT, MA

The holidays are filled with stress and the need to people-please. We are surrounded by the pressure to dress, impress, purchase, and be happy but that doesn’t always work out. When they are over we are often left feeling drained and exhausted.

Instead, see if you can make this season different. Incorporate these 5 Do’s and Don’ts into your holiday routine and you won’t regret it.

1.) DO manage holiday expectations:

When I was younger, New Years Eve was always a big thing. My friends and I would plan weeks in advance for the best night of the year. We would either purchase tickets to go out for the evening or go to someone’s house. Either way, we always expected it to be fantastic. But, after all the planning and high expectations was New Years Eve ever that great? No, of course not! When it wasn’t what we had hoped for we would all wake up the next day feeling disappointed. Holidays can be wonderful and horrible at the same. But they usually go smoother when we set realistic expectations. Ask yourself, what are your expectations this year? If you think that your expectations are realistic then you’re on the right track.

2.) DON’T do too Much:

The holiday season is filled with temptations everywhere. Unless we all go into hibernation during this time, it’s really difficult to avoid the pressure of overdoing it. From eating tasty treats, spending too much money, drinking too much alcohol, and just running ourselves thin, we are constantly bombarded with the pressure to be excessive. Moderation is KEY.

  3.) DO plan ahead for the holidays:

Create a plan and stick to it. There is a lot of pressure during the holidays to give into what you think you should be doing. Whether it’s a last minute happy hour or purchasing that really expensive coat. Ask yourself ahead of time what your goals are for this time of year and planning will help you navigate your way through any obstacles.

4.) DON’T get caught up in “togetherness”:

Many people spend this time of year with family. Family can be comforting for some, but too much of it, or not enough of it brings stress. Think about it. When we spend time with family, we often revert back to the roles we played as children. Parents start to put pressure on their adult children as if they are still young. Pressure to seek out other people’s approval is strong. On the flip side, there are many of us who do not have family or friends to be with. This can lead to feeling lonely and isolated. Try nTop 5 Do's and Don'ts for the holidays, Therapy for relationships and couples in philadelphia, churchville pa, holland pa, newtown pa, richboro pa, sex therapy, couples counseling, individual therapyot to over think the idea that you have to spend a specific amount of time with family. Do what feels right for you and only you.

5.) DO give yourself a break!:

It is the season of giving and with giving we can forget to breathe for ourselves. Taking care of you is always the most important. First, tackle your basic needs: good sleep, some nutrition, and hygiene. Once all of those are complete then you can go after the extras.

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