Are you a people-pleaser? People-pleasing is a way to receive validation through external stimuli. Many of us learn to people-please from a young age. It happens when our care-takers give us positive feedback, only when, we do something that benefits them. Usually this occurs in a home where there is a lot of emotional neglect. […]


3 Tips To Stop Being A People-Pleaser

By: Jennifer Seip, LMFT   Do you know when it’s okay to keep something hidden from your partner?  Many believe that in a romantic relationship, there shouldn’t be anything hidden. But how close is too close? When should you disclose information and when should it be kept to yourself? In this article, I am referring […]


Secrets Versus Privacy

Click Here For My Vlog To Learn All About Your Obsession With Individual Growth! I LOVE growth. I love seeing growth in others and I love experiencing and achieving growth myself. It’s one of the reasons I chose this profession. Yet, have you ever asked yourself if you’re pushing too hard to try and change […]


Are You Obsessed With Individual Growth? Find Out If You’re Trying To Fix What’s Not Broken

Yesterday, my husband and I were talking and the topic of insecurity came up. More specifically, insecure attachment. Quickly into our conversation we realized that we had two different definitions of what it means to feel insecure in a relationship. So today I think it would be nice to break down what attachment is in […]


Insecure Attachment: What You Should Know

Hi everyone! If you don’t feel like reading, click this link for my full video! The Emotional Benefits That Come From Owning A Pet You had to know this was coming. Eventually, I was going to write about my dog/best friend, Jamo, (Short for Jamison.) My love for her runs deep through my veins and […]


For Those of You Who Are Animal Lovers… The Emotional Benefits That Come From Owning A Pet

How do you know if you should leave your long term relationship? This post is going to be 2 parts, but very simple. On occasion I am asked the question, “How do I know if I should leave?” When you read other posts on this subject, you’ll find lot’s of different opinions about what you […]


How To Know When You Should Leave A Long-Term Relationship

If you prefer watching instead of reading, click here! I’m sure you’ve heard this story before. You and your partner are trying to make a decision. For example, let’s say you’re planning a vacation. You want to go to a nice relaxing beach resort and they want to go hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Because […]


The Art Of Compromise

One of the most common issues people bring to our sessions is not knowing how to get through their feelings. We therapists call this processing.  For many of us actually feeling our feelings is not something we have much experience with. Sadness, anger, fear, grief, can be confusing emotions that have the capability of completely […]


5 Healthy Ways You Can Process Your Feelings

What do you think of when you hear the word cheat, or affair? Do you think of an adulterer who committed a horrible crime? Or someone who only considers themselves, and has no concern about who they are hurting? Possibly both? Click here to watch my video: 4 Reasons Why People In Happy Relationships Cheat […]


4 Reasons Why People In Happy Relationships Cheat

Have you ever heard someone refer to humans as left brain dominant? Do you even know what that means? Well today I’m going to tell you exactly what that means and how to get more out of your right brain. Click here to watch my You Tube video about the left and right brain!   What […]


How Insight About The Left & Right Brain Can Lead You To Euphoria

I am definitely a believer in a bit of self disclosure. Some therapists are not, but if you haven’t already discovered from watching my videos and reading my blog posts, I am. Lately I’ve been a bit out of sorts, even a little down. This could be for a million reasons, some of which I […]


Self Compassion’s Role in Love and Relationships

Have you ever experienced the fight, flight, or freeze response? Our brain’s have a great way of activating a self protection protocol during periods of high stress. If we perceive the threat to be something we are capable of overcoming, we fight. If we think we can outrun it, we fly, and if neither of […]


Fight, Flight, or Freeze | Why is this happening and what you can do about it!