Hi everyone! If you don’t feel like reading, click this link for my full video! The Emotional Benefits That Come From Owning A Pet You had to know this was coming. Eventually, I was going to write about my dog/best friend, Jamo, (Short for Jamison.) My love for her runs deep through my veins and […]


For Those of You Who Are Animal Lovers… The Emotional Benefits That Come From Owning A Pet

How do you know if you should leave your long term relationship? This post is going to be 2 parts, but very simple. On occasion I am asked the question, “How do I know if I should leave?” When you read other posts on this subject, you’ll find lot’s of different opinions about what you […]


How To Know When You Should Leave A Long-Term Relationship

What do you think of when you hear the word cheat, or affair? Do you think of an adulterer who committed a horrible crime? Or someone who only considers themselves, and has no concern about who they are hurting? Possibly both? Click here to watch my video: 4 Reasons Why People In Happy Relationships Cheat […]


4 Reasons Why People In Happy Relationships Cheat

I know what you’re thinking, this post was made for you! We all have that one person, (or two or three) in our lives who we consider to be TOXIC! But what should you do about them? Usually a toxic person isn’t just someone on the street who we can ignore easily. They are often, […]


How To Deal With TOXIC Relationships!

Do you remember the meme that has two pictures, each one with a romantic couple in it? The first image is of the couple kissing in bed. They’re hot and heavy, arms all over each other. Underneath them reads a caption, “Expectations.” The second image has that same couple. Only one person is on the […]


Relationships Problems: What To Do When Your Expectations Don’t Match Your Reality

This morning I really felt it, disappointment. I had a great plan for today. I was going to wake up at 5am, get my workout in, leave for work around 7, arrive at 8:30, go to a morning meeting, see some clients, then head home for an early day and clean. So far two things […]


How To Deal With Disappointment

When a partner of mine broke-up with me some years ago, I wasn’t ready. It came as a shock. I thought that we were doing fine. In my head, I had planned what we would do together during the holidays. I thought about where we would go, and the shows I wanted to watch together, […]