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M.A. The College of New Jersey

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Education + Expertise

Trauma & EMDR
LGBTQIA+, trans*, and nonbinary clients
ADHD and neurodivergence
Analytical exploration of thought and feeling patterns
Couples conflict and relationship trauma
Jewish identity
Stress and anxiety

Areas of Expertise

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As an EMDR therapist, I've published peer-reviewed research and presented at industry conferences. This specialized technique is just one of the tools I can use to support your healing journey, alongside psychodynamic insight work, cognitive-behavioral strategies to implement change, and mindfulness-based coping and grounding techniques.

Therapy with EMDR and More:

I am deeply thoughtful and kind, passionate about bringing people to a newfound perspective about themselves and what they’re bringing to therapy. I will bring you empowerment, awareness, and capability through ideas, experiments, and insights. I am excited to get to know you deeply as a human being, and share moments of realization about how parts of your life and self link together to explain what you’re going through now. Our exploration will be conscious of how environmental and structural forces influence and shape you, as well as how we relate to one another.

A kind, analytical practitioner:

Exploring Emotionally Focused Therapy: Healing Through Connection

pronouns: he/him

Fee: $175/session

Empowerment Through Understanding

Inclusive, Affirming Therapy:

I identify as a white, Jewish, cisgender male who works to be antiracist, antipatriarchal, trans-affirming, and LGBTQ+-affirming. I welcome all identities to therapy, and particularly work to support LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and disabled persons. Whether you're from the trans, poly, or nonbinary community, or navigating trauma, ADHD, and other life challenges, you'll find a safe and affirming space here.