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M.A. The College of New Jersey

I intend to help you feel more aware, empowered & capable. I will bring ideas, experiments, and insights, with a spirit of open and nonjudgmental kindness. We will work together to understand why you're experiencing the issue and seek to HEAL, not just cope. I believe that the most effective therapeutic relationship is built on two-way trust and honesty. Our exploration will be conscious of our social locations and how environment and structural forces influence and shape you, as well as how we relate to one another.

I am an EMDR therapist who has published a peer-reviewed journal article and presented at a major industry conference in 2021 on the topic. I have a history working with the LGBTQ+ community, particularly trans and poly persons, as well as the BIPOC community, individuals navigating trauma, ADHD, career and school issues, college students, academics, professionals, elders, therapists, and couples. Clients of all shapes, sizes, identities, backgrounds, and beliefs are welcome and affirmed. In therapy lingo, I tend to use psychodynamic, mindfulness and cognitive approaches, with a base in liberation psychotherapy theory.

M.A., NCC., LAC.
Fee: $160

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Education + Expertise

Trauma & EMDR
LGBTQIA+, trans*, and nonbinary clients
ADHD and neurodivergence
Analytical exploration of thought and feeling patterns
Couples conflict and relationship trauma
Jewish identity
Stress and anxiety

Areas of Expertise

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I am a passionately curious person, seeking to understand, explore, and support the people and places around me. My room has books in every crevice and corner! When I’m not inside reading or watching a movie, I may be found outside listening to the birds, appreciating the trees, or inside filling my space with sage, essential oils, or candles. I identify as a white, Jewish, cisgender male who works to be antiracist, antipatriarchal, trans-affirming, and LGBTQ+-affirming. I would love the opportunity to work with you and pursue your growth together.

EMDR and Relational Therapist