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We believe big change starts with a single step. Let’s take the first one together.

We are Be Well Therapy Group, a collective of relationship therapists offering individual, couples, and sex therapy services in Philadelphia, Society Hill, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. We value trustworthiness, honesty, and authenticity in our relationships. 

Our team

Whatever the reason, relationship counseling is a safe way to help you achieve your goals. 

You’ve done a lot you can be proud of and have dreams for the future. But you know there’s room for improvement, especially where your relationships are concerned.

Maybe you keep having a recurring conflict with your partner and can’t see a way forward. Maybe you struggle with processing emotions or low sexual desire. Or perhaps you simply want to experience less anxiety when it comes to forming relationships.

You’re satisfied with many parts of your life.

Our diverse backgrounds and experiences equip us to deal with a wide spectrum of issues relating to toxic relationships, couples counseling, marriage counseling conflict, communication difficulties, sexual dysfunction, and more. 

We marry our expertise with empathy and trust to help you navigate the relationships that matter most.

Our team at Be Well Therapy strives to make each client feel welcome, accepted, and understood.

We’re a group of relationship-obsessed therapists who tell it like it is.

like it is.

For the person who needs help understanding their sexual history or breaking sexual patterns. Learn coping skills and techniques for particular dysfunction and process sexual events or trauma.

Sex Therapy


For the person who wants more balance and satisfaction in their life. Learn how to cope in stressful situations, have difficult conversations in relationships in order to grow, and live more authentically.

Individual Therapy


For couples who want to progress in their relationship. Learn healthy strategies for communicating, how to manage your own anxiety and reactivity to limit fighting, and how to love more openly.

Couples Therapy


Our Services

I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer and her expertise. She compassionately guides me to do the real work I need to do to be my healthiest self. 

Working with Jennifer has made a tremendous difference in my life.

Jen has a straight-forward and compassionate approach that emphasizes embracing the process. She has provided me with numerous practical strategies for improving my communication that I use on an on-going basis. Looking back, it's amazing to see how far I've come. Without Jen, I'm not sure where I'd be.

Going to see Jen was one of the best things I did to improve my marriage. 

some of which we've been brushing off for years — in a way that is not only healthy and productive, but that actually brings us closer.

My wife and I have learned how to talk through the challenging stuff —

It's amazing all the ways we can tie ourselves up in a long-term relationship. We are untangling while still staying connected with each other.

We're learning to be more vulnerable with each other, and to also stay strong and steady in ourselves when things get hard.

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