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Sex Therapy is for any individual or dating/married couple who would like to address concerns about their sexual function, their sexual feelings, and intimacy issues.

We’re here to talk through what you’re going through and provide you with the support you need to navigate, heal, and cope. From sexual dysfunction and desire issues, to sexual trauma.

Who It's For

First, we’ll determine if you’re coming to us as an individual or as a couple. For most sex therapy clients, we like to see you individually. Using a combination of psychoeducation, systemic therapy, and other informed approaches such as Mindfulness or Attachment Theory, we’ll work through your unique concerns at a pace that feels right to you. When appropriate, we’ll recommend MDs that we trust to provide you specialized care.

The Plan

Erectile Dysfunction
Premature Ejaculation
High and Low Sexual Desire
Gender Identity
Male and Female Orgasmic Disorder
Normalizing Consensual Non Monogamy
Sexual Trauma
Sexual Orientation
Individual Sexuality
Responsive Desire
Coping with a chronic Sexually Transmitted Disease

Areas Of Expertise

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Society Hill - Philadelphia - Pennsylvania, New Jersey, surrounding areas, and online.

WE SPEAK: English, Arabic, German, spanish