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M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy, Syracuse University

Gender Expansive Support Training, Syracuse University

Sometimes we can feel stuck, unable to change the situations we are in, and desperate for help. Despite our best efforts to overcome the challenges we face; we still suffer setbacks. It is my dream and job to help to create a space where you feel accepted, understood, and powerful in making changes in your life. Therapy can be a place to feel empowered by understanding ourselves, our relationships, and how our bodies respond to trauma. We discover ourselves relationally, and I will work with you to transform hurting to healing, whether that be due to feelings of grief, partnership difficulties, insecure attachment, and more.

I am white, nonbinary, kink positive, pro-sex work, body positive, and believe in the joy of radical self-determination. I strive for a culturally humble, client centered, and trauma informed practice. It is through sharing and celebrating our differences and knowledge that we can transform our experiences of pain and trauma into moments of healing and growth. I use an integrative approach to therapy, with an emphasis on emotionally focused therapy, as well as narrative and experiential therapies. I especially enjoy working with clients with gender expansive needs, and it is my goal to pursue further education in Sex Therapy.

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