Your therapist will work with you on repairing your relationship. You'll meet, and talk about the affair, the history of you lives as a couple, and how the betrayal has affected your worlds. Then they will give you structure on how to communicate about the affair, as well as, tools to help you communicate through future conversations.

Overtime, you will rebuild your relationship on trust, consistency, vulnerability, communication, and knowledge. It will be a new recommitted relationship, different and (hopefully) better, than the old. 

The Plan

Couples who are working through an infidelity or betrayal can feel a million different emotions. To do it, takes tremendous commitment to change, and a willingness to trust on both sides.

An affair can happen for many different reasons. But we know, that straying is always, the fault of the partner who cheated. However, the context of the couple's relationship at the time of the stray is also important to consider. Sometimes individuals cheat because they get excitement from the affair, sometimes they cheat due to issues with personal attachment, and then there are times when infidelities occur because their relationship needs work.

Whatever the reason may be, we know that the best way to recover from infidelity is to go to couples therapy.

Affairs and Infidelity

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