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A custom tailored program  designed for you to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time

Couples Intensives

You’ve tried to figure this all out on your own, but you just can't quite put all the pieces together.  It feels like you've tried everything...

Maybe you both have busy schedules and can't make the "normal hours" of a therapist. 

Or perhaps you have a really big decision to make, but don't have a lot of time to do it.

Couples Therapy Intensives are a great way to restore confidence in your relationship!

You feel stuck and want desperately to make progress. but you don't want to go through months of therapy to do it.

You've felt lost in your relationship for some time and you don't know how to make sense of things again.

Whether you've stopped being intimate all together or you simply want to learn how to get on the same page, couples and sex therapy intensives might be the right fit for you.

Picture how it will finally feel to have direction 

That’s why all of our intensive therapists are Sex & Couples Therapy Trained 

We hear you.

There can be lots of questions and confusion when considering a Big Commitment like this.

Has a big decision to make but doesn't want to spend months problem-solving.

Has neglected the intimacy in their relationship for a long time and is ready to repair and renew.

Is considering a break-up, but doesn't know if it's the right choice.

Is wanting to navigate a crisis such as a betrayal, a loss, or a threat to their relationship.  

Couples and sex therapy intensives are for anyone who...

Who It's For

All of our intensive therapists are trained under Jennifer Seip, LMFT and AASECT Sex Therapist.

Each therapist is committed to helping you accomplish your goal, and they will do it with their own unique style and flare.


The Plan

Couples and Sex Therapy Intensives are four days, (usually over a month,) between 2.5 - 3 hours. 

Time is spent discussing your goals, doing break-outs, reflecting and doing exercises. 

At the end of each day you'll receive a write up of your progress, and a plan.