My therapeutic approach is open-hearted, practical, and highly research-based. My philosophy is one of optimistic realism.

I am determined to help people cultivate love in their lives. Whether through friendships, self-love, romance, online dating, meeting “in the wild,” or finding The One. I want to help you create a life richer in contentment and personal alignment. I offer practical and research-based relational and dating advice to all people who want to improve their relationships. The quality of one's relationships contributes enormously to one’s happiness or misery, and I want to help you feel aligned with your relational choices.

I can also help you explore any cyclical patterns that may no longer be serving you. These patterns may manifest relationally, personally, or professionally. I want to provide a space for you to explore the role and impacts they may play in your life. Ultimately, I would be honored to assist you in exploring and healing the trauma that may have created these cycles.

I am also passionate about helping people find their inner confidence and direction. I utilize a strengths-based approach to therapy and believe everyone has unique gifts. I believe that people can find greater contentment when they develop their areas of interest.

I’m originally from Nashville, Tennessee, although I’ve worked and lived in Texas, California, Pennsylvania, and China.

Therapist Intern
Fee: $100

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Rachel Goodman

Dating support (In person/online)
Couples therapy
Relationship concerns
Power imbalances in relationships
Adjusting to a new city
Habit formation and management
Life transitions
Communication concerns
Depression and anxiety
Self-esteem concerns

Areas of Expertise

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