Women can obtain treatment for vulvodynia by visiting a specialized gynecologist, pelvic floor physical therapist, and sex therapist. Vulvodynia can make wearing a tampon during your monthly menstrual cycle, walking down the street, or having sexual intercourse with your partner unbearable.

Most women report that the pain feels like a burning sensation or acid pouring onto the skin, whereas other women say that the pain feels like a knife-stabbing sensation inside the vagina. The pain could be centralized close to the vaginal opening, near the vestibule or you could also experience pain around the entire vulva.

Keep in mind; irritated tissues can appear slightly swollen or inflamed. However, most often than not, even though you are experiencing pain, your vulva region can seem quite ordinary. 

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A satisfying sexual relationship and mutual communication are
necessary for a vibrant partnership. It's normal for people to experience bouts of sexual dysfunction during the stages of their life, and at times, anxiety, fear, trauma, and sexual dysfunction, can interfere with self-esteem and confidence.

When these challenges begin to interfere with your relationship to yourself or others, it might be time to seek out help. A sex therapist can help you face these struggles head-on. You are not alone in your personal journey.

Many women keep their vulva pain a secret. Vulvodynia is undiagnosed pain in the outer parts of the vulva. Vulvodynia, in essence, is chronic pain around the opening of your vagina in which there is not a particular cause for the pain and discomfort. On average, pain can last for a few months to several years.


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