Integrative Sex and Couples Certification Training
Professional (CSTIP) Course (In Progress)

Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1

Adlerian Applications of Sand Tray Play Therapy 

TEFL certified: Taught English in Argentina, Nicaragua, Panama 

I utilize empathy, openness, and curiosity to assist my clients gain self-awareness, re-envision their purpose, and achieve new insights. I believe that humor is an important tool in the therapy room as laughter has been a huge part of the way I have coped with some of my most difficult moments. Humor and laughter can create lightness in the darkest of moments. Life is hard and finding a way to laugh through it will make it that much easier to navigate.

I am passionate about creating a sex-positive space in the therapy room and strive to normalize all topics around sex and sexual identity. We are born sexual beings, but most of us have had difficulty with exploration and development of understanding that part of ourselves. I will work with you to create a space to be curious about your sexual identities and strengthen that piece of you either individually or as a couple.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Fee: $175

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Desire Discrepancies In Couples
Low Sexual Desire
Self Esteem Concerns
Communication Challenges
Queer and Trans Identity Exploration
Sexual and Intimacy  Issues

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 I have experience working with adults, couples, and non-monogamous people struggling with communication issues, sexual issues, queer and trans identity development, body neutrality, and self-esteem. I am a white, kink-informed, queer person who promotes the inherent worth of all people. I utilize a social justice lens when working with clients and strive to understand how larger systems intersect to impact folks on a personal level. I believe that change comes from gaining true insight into our past experiences and how they impact our present thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I will work with you to reflect on your past while incorporating healing in the present.

I believe therapy is an art form and I aim to keep creativity in the therapy room. I also utilize a type of therapy called sand tray which is a technique where clients express their understandings and beliefs about themselves, their world, and others through putting figurines in a tray of sand. This is a guided technique where I will assist you in creating an external representation of your inner world. This can be hard to envision but clients usually have a profound experience with it because it allows them to examine aspects of their conscious and subconscious beliefs that can be difficult to express.

Hunter College, Silberman School of Social Work,
MA in Social Work
Concentration: Clinical Practice with Individuals and Families

George Washington University,
BA: Cultural Anthropology, Minor: LGBT and Sexuality Studies
Vice President of Students Against Sexual Assault

Relationship Anxiety
Sand Tray Therapy
Ethical Non-Monogamy
Chronically Single


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