February 21, 2019

For Those of You Who Are Animal Lovers… The Emotional Benefits That Come From Owning A Pet

Hi everyone! If you don’t feel like reading, click this link for my full video! The Emotional Benefits That Come From Owning A Pet

You had to know this was coming. Eventually, I was going to write about my dog/best friend, Jamo, (Short for Jamison.) My love for her runs deep through my veins and I tear up when I think of a future life without her. Jamo fills my love bucket every day! During moments when I feel lonely or down, Jamo comes running to where ever I’m at! She makes sure to snuggle with me, stare into my eyes and tell me that she loves me, she plays with me and makes me laugh, she joins me for walks and the occasional camping trip, she guards the house for and acts as my personal body guard and home security system, gives me hugs and kisses, and reassures me that I’m her number one. She even lets ME lay on top of HER! I mean, she’s really amazing everyone; Clearly, I can’t say enough good things! Thus, today’s blog post has been written for those who are animal lovers like myself, (and no judgement here if they just aren’t your thing.) The Emotional Benefits That Come From Having A Pet.

  • Dogs keep you active! Yes, I know that the title of this article was Pet’s not Dog’s but hear me out on this first one. Dogs force you to run around, go for walks and wake up early (sometimes.) They help their adult bffs stay in shape. Which, in turn, translates to a lower BMI, and less stress on your mind and body, keeping you healthier! Another fact suggests that having a cat or dog reduces your risk of having a stroke and increases cardiovascular health!


  • Pets reduce anxiety and depression! Domesticated pets are very smart! They have

    This is “Draco Malfoy Heagy.” My friend’s beloved new baby snake.

    learned through evolution to love and communicate with their humans as a means of survival, and we humans have learned the same thing. For example, Pets keep us calm by reassuring us. They tell their companions that they love them, depend on them, and they give humans purpose! Humans need purpose. Pets force us to get up, and take care of them every day. Pets also understand human emotions. Although some are better at it than others, pets comfort you when you are sad, anxious, and even scared!


  • Animals protect against allergies! Did you know that if you expose a child from ages 0 – 4 to a domesticated pet that their chance of developing eczema and asthma is greatly reduced? Now I understand not wanting a pet for the opposite reason (having already developed allergies,) but how cool it that?!


  • Animals bring us into to the present. Have you ever just watched your animal sleep

    “Cleo,” AKA “Quay Quay.” My sister-in-law’s love, on her cat camera.

    or play, or do something quirky, just because? Pets force us to be mindful during an era of constant stimulation and over thinking. They teach us to put down our phones and turn our heads away from the television. They don’t mind being watched and adored, completely bringing us to whats happening right now, and be in the emotion of the present; such a wonderful thing.



Needless to say, I’m a fan of pets. However there are lot’s of people who are scared of them, allergic, and/or have the opposite feelings (stated above) when they are forced to be around animals they don’t know. Due to this fact, every time someone new comes to my home, I always ask,

“do you like dogs?” and then, “are you comfortable if my dog jumps on you?” (She likes to jump on new people to get them to see her.)

If that person tells me that they are uncomfortable, I put her in another room and away from them so that they can feel safe. Always respect other human’s need to feel safe.