July 21, 2017

57 Sex Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

Want To Add Something New To Your Sexual Repertoire? Here Are A Few Things You Might Want To Try!

57 Sex Ideas You Might Not have Thought of


By: Jennifer Seip, LMFT

Sex Ideas List:

  1. Kissing without tongue
  2. Kissing with tongue
  3. Face Massage
  4. Back Massage
  5. Genital Massage
  6. Role – Play
  7. Watching Porn
  8. Watching Porn with your partner
  9. Adding other partners (Two-some/three-some)
  10. Group Sex
  11. Sex Parties
  12. Holding Hands
  13. Taking a Shower or Bath Together
  14. Watching a Sexy Movie
  15. Dirty Talk – Need Ideas? Try this book for some sex ideas Dirty Talk: Learn Simple Sexy Phrases To Ignite Your Sexual Life And Make Your Wildest Fantasies Come True!
  16. Handcuffs
  17. Dominant/SubmissiveS and M for beginners, philadelphia sex therapy, sex therapists in philadelphia, spice up your sex like, therapy, philadelphia therapy, lgbtq affirming therapists in philadelphia and bucks county, therapy for polyamorous, therapists, couples therapy, marriage therapy and counseling
  18. S & M: This is a great book for sex ideas and an intro to SM 101
  19. Hair Pulling
  20. Spanking
  21. Biting
  22. Anal
  23. Hugging
  24. Cuddling
  25. Blindfolds
  26. Candle Wax
  27. Food
  28. Fellatio
  29. Cunnilingus
  30. Different Sex Positions
  31. Tantric Sex
  32. Masturbation
  33. Watching Your Partner Masturbate
  34. Sex Toys
  35. Vibrator
  36. Fantasies
  37. Making Out
  38. Dry Humping
  39. Groping
  40. Scratching
  41. Cutting
  42. Truth or Dare
  43. Sexting
  44. Webcam
  45. Record a Video
  46. Strip Tease
  47. Erotic Lingerie
  48. Silk Sheets
  49. Phone Sex
  50. Sex In A Public Place
  51. Sex In A Car
  52. Erotic Novels
  53. Butt Plug
  54. Prostate Massage
  55. Dildos
  56. Dressing Up
  57. Taking A Sex Class – Try Passion 101 Classes at Passional

*Disclaimer: these sex ideas should all be discussed before trying and used with consent only. If you’re shy about bringing up the conversation try our other post, How To Introduce Fantasy and Role-Play Into Your Relationship or Red light, Green Light, a couples game.

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