January 9, 2019

3 Things You Can Be Doing Right Now To Beat Motivation-less Moments

This morning I woke up and did not want to get out of bed. In fact, I wanted to stay in bed so bad that I got up, walked my dog, and then got back under the covers right away. This happens to me sometimes, but it doesn’t always involve getting back in bed. Sometimes I wake up and just don’t want to do anything! So I turn the tv on and watch my favorite shows all morning until I’m forced to be productive. Do you ever feel like you just don’t want to do anything? Your motivation to move throughout the day is shot? I do. Now sometimes, I need this. I’m self aware enough to know that my mind needs a rest every now and then, and when I have a craving to do nothing, it’s probably because I’m feeling it in some way. While this may be true, I also have moments when I do nothing, too much. Then afterwards I feel terrible and get frustrated with my own lack of motivation and accomplishment. I call these Motivation-less Mornings (*disclaimer: these can also last all day.)

Obviously I’m talking about mornings here because that’s what happens to me. Although every person has a time during the day in which they are the least productive. For some people, it’s night time, while for others it can be that period right after lunch. So today I want to talk to you about 3 Things You Can Be Doing Right Now to beat Motivation-less Moments.

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3 Things You Can Be Doing Right Now To Beat Motivation-less Moments

Move! I know this sounds like a given, but getting up and simply walking around and forcing yourself to do a task will help get you out of that head space. Remember my vlog How Insight About The Left & Right Brain Can Lead To Euphoria? Well, there I described the 90 Second Rule. We only feel an emotion for about 90 seconds, until it naturally drains from our brains and bodies. After that we perpetuate the feeling by narrating it in our head over and over. So instead of letting your motivation-less mood run in circles in your brain, get up and distract yourself with something else and it will go away.


Focus Your Attention to Small Things. One of the many reasons why some people have a hard time motivating themselves is because their list is too big and accomplishing everything on it feels like climbing Mount Everest. Instead of telling yourself that you have to do 15 things today, pick one. Crossing off one task a day is a lot more doable and less overwhelming… Baby steps


Reward Yourself. Sometimes we just need to focus on the benefit of completing the thing we have no motivation for. At times when there is no perceived benefit, give yourself a treat after its all said and done. There is nothing like sitting and reading a good book or taking a relaxing bath. Make a list of things that you enjoy and pick one each time you need something to look forward to.