In the digital age, technology has become a double-edged sword. It connects us. But it can also create many challenges in our relationships. by Luca Bravo ( Social media platforms, dating apps, and online communities have created new avenues for infidelity. They offer opportunities for secretive communication and emotional affairs. It can lead to feelings […]

Navigating Infidelity in a World with Technology

As a therapist, you’re dedicated to helping others navigate their emotional journeys and improve their well-being. However, it’s crucial to remember that therapists also need support and guidance to maintain their own mental and emotional health. At Be Well Therapy Group, one of our specialties includes therapy for therapists! We utilize a range of effective […]

Therapy for Therapists: Why Choose Be Well Therapy Group

As someone who has struggled with anxiety, I know firsthand the overwhelming nature of negative emotions. However, through learning emotional regulation skills, particularly through Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), I have experienced a transformation in my ability to manage these emotions effectively. These skills not only helped me cope with social anxiety but also provided me […]

Emotional Regulation and DBT: A Personal Journey to Overcoming Anxiety

Many people have heard of post-traumatic stress disorder, a mental health condition that is the result of an acute traumatic event taking place. Common examples of traumas that can result in PTSD include military service, sexual or physical assault, a car accident or an extreme natural disaster. In most cases, PTSD stems from a single […]

What is Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, How is it Different From PTSD and How Can It Affect Your Relationships?

Recovering from sexual trauma can be incredibly hard. It can take time for you to feel like yourself again and even longer for you to be able to rid yourself of the fear your trauma has caused. But, it’s not impossible. Unfortunately, there are countless stories of sexual trauma, but they do show that recovery […]

The Stages of Sexual Trauma: Everything You Need to Know

Studies show that 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. If you’re looking at relationships in general, the breakup rate is much higher. In some cases, the people in the relationship shouldn’t be together, and breaking up is a good thing. However, there are tons of couples that could be truly happy and content if […]

Can Couples Therapy Save A Relationship?

By: Jennifer Seip, LMFT, MA   click here for my video! Grief is sad. Grief is scary. Furthermore, grief is confusing. If you’ve experienced grief yourself,  for someone you once knew, a family member, a friend, a lost loved one, or you’ve experienced it in the form of a break up or move, the you […]

How To Help A Person Who Is Grieving

Learn more about some of the fascinating powers of your brain! 12/5/18 By: Jennifer Seip, LMFT, MA Have you ever heard someone refer to humans as left brain dominant? Do you even know what that means? Well today I’m going to tell you exactly what that means and how to get more out of your […]

How Insight About The Left and Right Brain Can Lead You To Euphoria

Have you ever experienced the fight, flight, or freeze response? Our brain’s have a great way of activating a self protection protocol during periods of high stress. If we perceive the threat to be something we are capable of overcoming, we fight. If we think we can outrun it, we fly, and if neither of […]

Fight, Flight, or Freeze | Why is this happening and what you can do about it!

So last week, I was driving into work listening to my regular radio station, and guess who came on? …Dave Matthews Band, Crash. I love that song. Every time I listen to it, instantly I’m brought back to those high school years when it felt like I had my life ahead of me. My only […]