Studies show that 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. If you’re looking at relationships in general, the breakup rate is much higher. In some cases, the people in the relationship shouldn’t be together, and breaking up is a good thing. However, there are tons of couples that could be truly happy and content if […]

Can Couples Therapy Save A Relationship?

How to make marriage work and stop fighting By: Jennifer Seip, LMFT, MA 1/14/21   It is hard to make marriage work. You spend years waking up to the same person every day. You see them at their best and at their worst. Small annoyances that you thought you could let go, slowly start to […]

Make Marriage Work: Self Compassion and Empathy Decrease Conflict

By: Jennifer Seip, LMFT   Do you know when it’s okay to keep something hidden from your partner?  Many believe that in a romantic relationship, there shouldn’t be anything hidden. But how close is too close? When should you disclose information and when should it be kept to yourself? In this article, I am referring […]

Secrets Versus Privacy

Yesterday, my husband and I were talking and the topic of insecurity came up. More specifically, insecure attachment. Quickly into our conversation we realized that we had two different definitions of what it means to feel insecure in a relationship. So today I think it would be nice to break down what attachment is in […]

Insecure Attachment: What You Should Know

Mentally Strong: 6 Strategies for Raising A Resilient Child What do you think of when I refer to the words mentally strong?  Some individuals will think that it means being able to suppress emotions. Others might say that being strong mentally means not caring. On the contrary. An individual who is mentally strong is resilient […]

Mentally Strong: 6 Strategies for Raising A Resilient Child

If you prefer watching instead of reading, click here! I’m sure you’ve heard this story before. You and your partner are trying to make a decision. For example, let’s say you’re planning a vacation. You want to go to a nice relaxing beach resort and they want to go hiking in the Rocky Mountains. Because […]

The Art Of Compromise

“I never expected this.” Why some affairs happen. 12/19/2018 By: Jennifer Seip, LMFT, MA What do you think of when you hear the word cheat, or affair? Do you think of an adulterer who committed a horrible crime? Or someone who only considers themselves, and has no concern about who they are hurting? Possibly both? […]

4 Reasons Why People In Happy Relationships Cheat

Learn why mind reading can both help and harm your relationship Mindreading: The Good and Bad 12/28/18 By: Jennifer Seip, LMFT   Let’s say a couple walks into my office. We’ll call them John and Judy. Right away John and Judy begin talking about a small disagreement they had last week. According to Judy, when […]

Mind Reading: The Good and Bad

The importance of having self compassion. By, Jennifer Seip   I am definitely a believer in a bit of self disclosure. Some therapists are not, but if you haven’t already discovered from watching my videos and reading my blog posts, I am. Lately I’ve been a bit out of sorts, even a little down. This […]

Self Compassion’s Role in Love and Relationships

Do this once a week for a better relationship 12/7/2018 By: Jennifer Seip, LMFT, MA Dear friends, Today I am going to tell you about one thing. This one thing is so huge, that if you do it once a week, every week, your relationship will be greatly improved. I know it sounds simple, but aren’t […]

Learn About The Check-In: One Thing You Should Be Doing Every Week For a Better Relationship

What you should know before you move in with your partner 10/24/18 By: Jennifer Seip, LMFT, MA   Hey everyone! I’m really excited to share with you that I am going to start doing video’s (yay!) It’s really important to me that you have a place to go and learn correct information about all things […]

4 Questions You Should Be Asking Before Moving In

Learn why it is important to leave emotional space to connect 8/8/18 By: Jennifer Seip, LMFT When my husband and I first moved in together, like many couples, we had to workout a few kinks. We discussed the usual stuff like, who would do the dishes, make dinner and take out the trash. However, one […]

The Link Between Emotional Capacity And Connection